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Bandsaw for Meat and Bone TES-400

Bandsaw for Meat and Bone TES-400
Bandsaw for Meat and Bone TES-400
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  • Model: TES-400

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Bandsaw for Meat and Bone TES-400
Robust and functional meat and bone saws for industrial meat processing

Our meat and bone saws are specially designed for slicing fresh or frozen meat, bones, fish, poultry, and large-sized vegetables to the desired thickness for Butchers, Markets, Slaughterhouses and Meat Processing Plants.

* It is completely made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel.

* It has electromagnetic motor brake and safety switch.

* Since the operator safety is considered at the highest level, the saw blade stops when the machine is turned off thanks to the electromagnetic motor brake.

* It is manufactured as 380 volts as standard. It can be manufactured as 220 Volt optionally.

* Emergency Stop and Start-Stop buttons are IP 65 and resistant to water and dust.

* It is manufactured in accordance with CE standards.

* Specially designed meat push slide has foldable feature if not used. (Optional)

* Blade cutting distance can be adjusted easily.

* With drawers meat shavings collecting chamber.

Bandsaw for Meat and Bone

Engine Voltage 230 / 400 / 480 V.
Current 11,6 / 6,7 / 6,7 A
Frequency 50 / 50 / 60 Hz.
Engine Power 3 kW.
Fuse Current 16 A.
Blade Rate 28 m/s.
Max. Cutting Width 370 mm.
Max. Cutting Height 425 mm.
Max. Cutting Depth 355 mm.
Dimensions of the Bench (W x L) 778 x 956 mm.
Length of the Bandsaw 3200 mm.
Diameter of Pulley 400 mm.
Weight 275 kg.
Dimensions of the Machine (W x L x H) 780 x 1010 x 1850 mm.

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