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Cliopack VAC-420 Vacuum Packing Machine

Cliopack VAC-420 Vacuum Packing Machine
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Cliopack VAC-420 Vacuum Packing Machine
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  • Model: VAC-420

Cliopack VAC-420 Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum packaging machines are used in the food, pharmaceutical, water, chemical and electronics industries. Vacuum packaging machines have the feature of automatic vacuuming, sealing and cooling processes. 

* AISI 304 stainless steel.

* It keeps products fresh for a longer time by preventing oxidation, mold, insect and moist.

* Automatically completes vacuuming, gas spraying (optional), sealing, cooling and exhaust programs.

* Cover Gasket: Made of high density material. The vacuum chamber cover seal guarantees the sealing performance of the machine in routine work.

Chamber Size 435 x 435 x 180 mm
Pump Power 21 m³ / sa
Sealing Length 420 mm
Output Times 20-30 Saniye
Voltage 220 V 50/60 Hz
Power 0,55 kW
Dimensions of the Machine (W x L x H) 500 x 570 x 480 mm
Weight 59 Kg.

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