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Meat Mixing Machine KRT-500

Meat Mixing Machine KRT-500
300-350 kg Bottom Discharge
Meat Mixing Machine KRT-500
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  • Model: KRT-500

Meat Mixing Machine KRT-500

Diced and Minced Meat Mixer

Used in sausage, spiced sausage, salami, döner kebab, meat ball production and in the meat processing industry Ensures that the product and spices and other ingredients are mixed homogneously thanks to the interlacing pallets within the reservoir. The product reaches the desired consistency within a maximum of 10-15 minutes.Vacuuming, heating and cooling system could be added optionally at larger capacities. 

* It is completely made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel.

* Pallet System

* Bi-directional mixing.

* Two level mixing speed (double speed).

* Equipped with powerful motor and silent worm gear

* The special arrangement of the pallets allows you to perform a mixing operation with a higher level of homogenization than other machines of this class

* Water and dust resistant IP67 touch control panel (in Turkish).

* Top cover safety switch.

* Hydraulic opening and closing bottom discharge cover and top cover.

* Manual bidirectional working feature.

* Joistikle controllable covers

* It is manufactured in accordance with CE standards.

* Easy to clean and hygienic.

Optional equipment
Optional equipment can only be added to models with side discharge.

* Vacuuming system.

* Heating system.

* Cooling system.

* Volumetric dosing device for adding water. (The water amount of the volumetric dosing device can be controlled on the control panel)

Included Equipments 

• Product loading elevator

• 200 meat trolleys

Meat Mixing Machine

Evacuation System Bottom discharge (side discharge optional)
Heating and Cooling Optional
Capacity 300-350 Kg
Volume 500 lt
Voltage 380 V 50/60 Hz
Power 7,5-11 kW
Speed 20-40 rpm
Dimensions of the Machine (W x L x H) 1291 x 3400 x 2705 mm
Weight 1130 Kg
Vacuum Optional

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