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Clio 59 Manual Tray Sealer

Clio 59 Manual Tray Sealer
Clio 59 Manual Tray Sealer
Clio 59 Manual Tray Sealer
Clio 59 Manual Tray Sealer
Clio 59 Manual Tray Sealer
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  • Model: Clio-59
  • Weight: 40.00kg
  • Dimensions: 520.00mm x 546.00mm x 786.00mm
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Clio 59 Manual Tray Sealer

Offers maximum packaging solutions with affordable prices for meat, delicatessen, vegetable, fruit, confectionery and snack products, means clean and beautiful packaging. Tray sealer machines consisting of sandblasted chrome body basically have 2 different cutting systems. The rear cutter blade system provides mold changing; another cutting model Cliosharper cuts the film in the form of tray with four corner cutting feature.

From edge cutting feature

* Sand blasted stainless steel chrome body

* 4 seconds tray sealing time

* Adjustable film sealing temperature

* Nonstick green teflon sealer

* Approximately 900 tray sealing procedure with 400 mt. pp film

* 900 tray sealing capacity per hour

* High quality digital thermostat 

* It is produced completely in accordance with CE directives.

Trays and films of the machine are supplied by our company.


Mincing Machine

In our tray sealer machines, to seal different sizes of trays is economical and useful thanks to the changeable mold feature.


Mincing Machine

Thanks to the double mold, it is possible to close 2 trays in one operation. Trays can be of different sizes.


Mincing Machine

Our tray sealers machines with edge cutting feature cut the film from the edges of the tray. Thus, you will get a more aesthetic appearance.


Mincing Machine

Thanks to its useful and durable structure, you can seal up to 900 trays per hour with our tray sealing machines.

Mincing Machine

Mincing Machine

Mincing Machine

Mincing Machine

Manual Tray Sealer Machines
Standard Tray Size 325 x 265 mm
Performance 900 pc/hr
Voltage 220 V.
Power 1,75 kW
Dimensions of the Machine (W x L x H) 520 x 546 x 786 mm
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Box Dimensions (L x W x H) 570 x 620 x 420 mm
Weight 40,80 kg.
With Box Weight 48,30 kg
Blade System From Edge Cutting

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