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Disposable container with cover 250ml РЕТ

Disposable container with cover 250ml РЕТ
Disposable container with cover 250ml РЕТ
Volume 250 ml
Dimensions (WxLxH) 140х100х32mm
Material PET Plastic
Cover Hinged cover
Pieces in box 500 pcs.
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  • Model: TRAY PET DK1-250

Disposable container with cover 250ml FT 108 D 250 PET

Plastic PET Containers

Disposable plastic containers are very popular these days; This is because it offers significant advantages to both manufacturers and end consumers.

Disposable food containers with lids are the perfect option for packaging and conveniently consuming a wide variety of products such as fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, salads, tarts or cakes.

Widespread Usage Areas

PET containers is commonly used in food packaging for soft drinks, sport drinks, single-serve water, ketchup, salad dressing, vitamins, vegetable oil bottles and peanut butter containers.

Polyethylene (PET)

• Possesses high transparency

• Temperature range of application is from -30 ° С to + 50 ° С, therefore it can be used for freezing.

• Has high barrier properties, as well as impact resistance and low gas permeability.

• Resistant to fats and mineral acids.

• Possesses a low coefficient of moisture absorption.

• Safe for human health.

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