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265 mm PP Anti-Fog Films for Tray Sealer

265 mm PP  Anti-Fog Films for Tray Sealer
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265 mm PP Anti-Fog Films for Tray Sealer
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  • Model: FILM-B-PP-01
265 mm PP  Anti-Fog Films for Tray Sealer

The peel effect is used to easily open the package with your hands without using any tools. With the peel-effect, it saves time for consumers to create opportunities for comfortable use of product consumption.

Suitable for use with PE material trays and containers. You can apply vacuum, gas for the modified environment to increase the shelf life of products. Film width 150 mm and 270 mm.

The films are cut to the desired dimensions. If necessary, a color print (up to 6 colors) can be applied on the film - your corporate design, logo. When ordering a transparent film, we can additionally produce self-adhesive labels according to your individual requirements.

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