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Paper Food Containers Covers

Paper Food Containers Covers
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Paper Food Containers Covers
Color Standard printed or single color
Pieces in Box 600 Adet
Package Dimensions (W x L x H) - mm
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  • Model: TRAY FK-K

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Cardboard food containers make it possible for you to consume the doner, kebab, pastry and similar baked products that you have bought from Restaurant, Buffet, Market or Pastry Shops by heating them in your microwave oven or in your normal oven.

Cardboard food containers are made of two types of materials for use in Microwave or Normal Oven.

* Cardboard food containers manufactured for microwave oven are suitable to heat food for 1 minute at max 70 ° C.

* Cardboard food containers manufactured for normal ovens are suitable for heating food at a temperature of 200 ° C for 5-10 minutes. Food in cardboard food containers manufactured for normal ovens can also be heated in microwave ovens for more than 1 minute.

Karton Gıda Kapları

Cardboard food containers are used for the packaging of a wide variety of products.

Meat, semi-finished products, salads, seafood, ready meals, vegetables or fruits, desserts, wraps, sushi and sauces


Karton Gıda Kapları

- Allows food to be heated in cardboard food containers.

- Cardboard food containers can be produced in different colors and patterns.

- Cardboard food containers can be manufactured in different sizes and compartments.

- Cardboard food containers offer a practical use thanks to the easy-open lid.

- Cardboard food containers provide 90% sealing excluding liquid foods.

- Cardboard food containers add aesthetics and quality to your package services.

- Cardboard food containers are very fast than nature protected recycling cycle plastic packaging.

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