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Smokehouse (Smoking) Chamber FPK-400

Smokehouse (Smoking) Chamber FPK-400
Smokehouse (Smoking) Chamber FPK-400
Smokehouse (Smoking) Chamber FPK-400
Smokehouse (Smoking) Chamber FPK-400
Smokehouse (Smoking) Chamber FPK-400
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  • Model: FPK-400

Smokehouse (Smoking) Chamber FPK-400

Heat chamber for Smoking, Cooking, Drying, Roasting.

It is used in sausage, salami, cheese and fish cooking, frying, drying and smoking. Special ovens can be manufactured upon request.

* Body, chassis and steam heating channels are made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel.

* The heating system can be manufactured with steam or electric resistancerequest.

* Easy to use and programming thanks to the fully automatic electronic panel.

* In moist or dry cooking, you can control the humidity and temperature values ​​of the product on the panel.

* You can do reporting by printing from plug and play printers. You can save on USB Disk.

* Optional air conditioning system can be added for cold smoking process.

* FPK-50, FPK-100 and FPK-200 models are manufactured with 1 oven trolley FPK-400 with 2 oven trolleys.

* For minimize heat loss; Thermal insulation was made according to the standards.

* Doors are manufactured as manual opening.

* Ovens can be manufactured with closed tunnel or open tunnel.

* In ovens with high capacity steam malaria system; air blowing and suction system is made by channels.

* A homogeneous environment is created by circulating the air in the oven and changing the flow direction.* Oven inlet sizes conform to international norms.

* Ramp channel system that facilitates the entrance and exit of the oven trolleys.

* In-furnace protective barriers

* Convenient and easy to clean, furnace trolleys with a carrying capacity of 250-300 kg are made of AISI 304 stainless steel in accordance with the standards.

* Possibility to create 999 process consisting of 15 steps.

* It is produced in accordance with CE standards.

Automatic Filling (Filler) Machine with Vacuum

Capacity 400-500 kg / s
Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz
Power 8 kW
Steam Pressure 5-6 Bar
Weight 1700 kg
Dimensions of the Machine (W x L x H) 1715 x 2400 x 3680 mm

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